"Old Lisbon"


Enjoy a private guided tour of the historic quarters of Lisbon. (Half-Day tour - a.m. or p.m.)

Lisbon is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, its foundation being attributed to the Phoenicians c. 1 200 BC. who named the city "alis Ubbo" (the Serene Harbour). The Romans made it the capital of their new province of Lusitania. In the 5th century when the Roman Empire declined Lisbon was taken by the Visigoths. The Moors conquered Lisbon in 714 and held it for more than 400 years. In 1147 the first king of Portugal helped by an army of Crusaders took the city from the Moors. Lisbon would become the capital of the kingdom in 1256, as the Christian Reconquest of the Portuguese territory was completed.

This tour you takes you through the narrow lanes of the old town to visit the 12th century romanesque cathedral and farther up the hill to the Castelo de São Jorge, the fortress considered the "craddle of Lisbon" and which offers spectacular views of the city and the Tagus River. You will have time to wonder around the ruins, soak in the view of the cityscape below, explore the castle gardens and the Museum (collection of objects dating from the 7th century BC to the 18th century found in the castle's archeological site).

Alfama is situated on the southern slope of the hill crowned by the castelo and is Lisbon's oldest quarter having resisted quite well the earthquake of 1755: whitewashed houses along a labyrinth of narrow twisted streets, alleys and stairways.

The Baixa, Lisbon's downtown is sandwished between the other two historic quarters, the Castelo/Alfama, and the Chiado/Bairro Alto. Downtown Lisbon was totally destroyed by the 1755 earthquake having been rebuilt in plan that was considered revolutionary for the time. The Baixa's geometrical plan, the Rossio and Comércio Squares and the lively atmosphere make it a monument of its own right.

On the southern slope of Bairro Alto's hill is Chiado, a traditional shopping area with elegant boutiques and bookshops, a meeting point for artists and poets, a place to walk or take a coffee on one of the terraces. Chiado is the literary quarter of Lisbon and is well known for its several literary cafés, such as A Brasileira.

Bairro Alto originated in the 16th century with a geometric lay-out and was the "home" of the Jesuits in Portugal who built there the São Roque Church. From the top of the hill is the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, one of the best look-out points of Lisbon, offering you another great view of the Castle, the downtown area and the Tagus.

Included in the price:

Your De-luxe air-conditioned Private car.
English-speaking driver and Private Official Guide.
Optional: Possible to include lunch in a traditional Lisbon restaurant.


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