"Pousadas de Portugal"

The Pousadas de Portugal are a chain of 37 locations for tourism and culture that enjoy the rich diversity of traditions of the region where they are located.

At the Pousadas, your full satisfaction and responding to the demands of the 21st century are our goal.  Therefore, we are working since 1942 to improve services and invest in modernizing our hotels as well as in training for everyone working at the Pousadas.

And, as we do anything for you to enjoy what we have and what we are, we also want to count on you in order to continue writing the success story of the Pousadas of Portugal.

The Pousadas give you the opportunity to know Portugal, from the green and bucolic valleys of  Minho, through places where nature presents itself in all its splendour, like the Douro valley, or the lush mountains of Trás-os-Montes, to the golden plains of Alentejo or the fine sand and warm water of the Algarve Coast.  

The Concept of the Pousadas

In Portuguese current language the term "Pousada" evokes the idea of a break, a pause. In a certain way it gives us back a sense of art and the pleasure of travelling. The Pousadas are places that appeal to our senses.  It is not enough to tell its story or describe the scenery in which each one of them is involved. It is necessary to experience the spirit of the Pousadas which relies on the special and incomparable concept of exceptional service and warm welcoming.


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